TCC's Physical Therapy Assistant program has graduated more than 500 working professionals since 1982. More than 80% of graduates pursue their careers in the Tulsa area.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for physical therapist assistants are projected to grow by 46% by 2020. Today's PTC students must have access to first-rate educational facilities and resources so that they are equipped with the skills necessary to meet future patient needs.

The TCC Physical Therapy Clinic will operate as a $1.96 million, 8,000 sq. ft. learning laboratory and working clinic. Students will learn in the classrooms and then step into the clinic to apply their knowledge in a working clinical environment. Patients will receive physical therapy care at a reduced cost.

The PTC will enable TCC Physical Therapy Assistant students to complete up to 20% of their required 680 hours of clinical training onsite rather than traveling to distant sites in the four-state region and often waiting up to six months for an open clinical slot.

In addition, the PTC will provide valuable practical experience for students in TCC's Medical Assistant and Health Information Technology programs as they engage in clinic operations.


The completed Physical Therapy Clinic will include the following components.

  • Student Classroom/Lab
  • Clinic Area
  • Reception/Waiting Area
  • Screening Room
  • Exam Rooms
  • Wet Work Area
  • Tub/Whirlpool Room
  • Offices
  • Medical Records Room
  • Conference Room

Every donor to the clinic will be recognized on our 'Friends of the Clinic Wall':

  • Friend: Up to $100
  • Sponsor: $101 - $500
  • Advocate: $501- $1,000
  • Developer: $1001 -$2,500
  • Partner: $2,500 -$5,000

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