Nate Waters PT is a unique physical therapy clinic where faculty train students to be physical therapist assistants. Through their training, they provide physical therapy services to patients.

Each patient is responsible for his or her involvement to ensure the best possible treatment as well as the best possible learning experience for students.

All potential patients must receive approval from Nate Waters PT before becoming a patient.

TCC faculty ask that patients:

  • Provide as much information as possible about health and medical history.
  • Communicate. If you do not understand what staff are saying to you or if you do not understand your treatment plan, tell the student and/or faculty member.
  • Keep appointments to ensure your care is complete.
  • Let the staff know as soon as possible if you must cancel an appointment.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions if you decline treatment or do not follow your practitioner’s instructions.
  • Report unexpected changes in your condition to your physical therapist.
  • Follow the rules and regulations set by the clinic.
  • Act in a manner that is respectful of other patients, staff and clinic property.
  • Pay the required $10 at your first appointment.

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